Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where I'm at (Matt's 1st)

Well its official, I have moved back home to my lovely parents house in Corinth. After a year on campus at UTD I realized a) I'm poor b) they're not and c) I need to switch majors and change schools! So I'm planning on going to UNT in the fall for music. My brain is boggled and I'm just going through the rest of this summer in a "I'm supposed to do wha?" daze. I have alot of decisions and life changes to make if I'm going to succeed, and I'm thinking for the next year I may just need to put my "thinking brain" on hold. The thinking brain is fun, but he thinks too much and doesn't get anything done. I'm sure from this blog you'll be able to see if I succeed or fail. Hold me to it!

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