Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where he's at (Ryo's 1st)

Well life's been pretty crazy lately. The back border of my domain (backyard fence) blew down during that apocalyptic event (thunderstorm)! Thankfully my human (Matt) and the gray striped one (Chris) secured it a few days ago. My human moved back home and brought with him loud music, weird sleeping habits, and seems to waste too much of his time with blog posts and facebook. The room is always a mess and its hard to tell whats edible and whats not these days, I'll just have to guess. After living apart for so long we bonded one day as he finally cut my hair, gave me a bath, and attempted to remove (brush) my teeth. However he was very supportive through each traumatic event so he has again won my he gives me more food than anyone in the house and I let him sleep on MY bed.

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