Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today will be a short post as my human hasn't been around much to do anything with me! However the other two have been so kind as to take me on incredibly long walks and even to play at the lake for a while. My human to his credit however has an amazing supply of tasty new bones (seen right), but to his discredit has not fed me today and keeps saying he needs to go to some place called "wal-mart" before he can! Does this mean he's forgotten about me the 20,000 times he's been there already this week, and STILL has to get me more food? Terrible....Well when he's not, not feeding me or whining about his ankle, or work my human is just sleeping. He must be doing something important right? He DID get some new fancy looking shoes yesterday, I wonder what those are for. He keeps saying "cross-training shoes" but they don't look religious to me at all. I'm off to harass the cat.


Baaaack to School

(The picture on the right is one of me and Nikki from the UTD catalogue ^_^. We knew they'd use it when they asked to take our picture!)

Yes its that time o'year again. I start classes tomorrow (august 20th) at UTD again and I'm moderately excited. I have Digital Music 2, Elements of Art and Performance, History of Roots, Jazz, and Swing, and a Lit class on Dante's Divine Comedies. So this is a pretty artsy semester and I'm hoping my creative half can keep up haha. So lately I have fallen abruptly from my crazy perky happy attitude to a more even keeled one. My current mindstate isn't as inexplicably fun as the previous one, but I'm still getting things done. Both of my two summer basketball leagues ended. My injuries were topped off last night by a second ankle sprain...I now will be wearing two braces when I play! Other than that not much has happened for me besides a healthy amount of work at Aaron Bros. I'm sure once school starts I'll have more fun things to talk about!

Stay beautiful people ;)


Friday, August 7, 2009

Annoying people

Do you know how many times my human (Matt) has called me with false promises of treats just so he can take embarrassing pictures of me for this blog? Too many... My new bones are delicious and he gets brownie points for them, but he walks a fine line. A dog's love can only be so "unconditional". So many things have seemed to be happening. The tree-like one "Tim" left with his suitcases of sadness and I haven't seen him since! (Tim's in Prague!!!) My human has been coming and going more than usual to this place called "work". I doubt he really does any, he's always just sitting at the computer or trapping me in the room (like right now) and making me listen to the loud noise boxes (music from the computer speakers). Sometimes he even picks up one of his stringed boxes (guitar) and hits it while howling at nothing?! Why does he do that?! I don't choose to have the emergency sirens go off just so i can howl at them with a stupid smile on my face like he does! Oh well it seems to make him happy...weirdo. More on this later...


The Straight and Narrow

So my car is finally fixed after a long full day of work. From best I can surmise (I had to look this word up immediately after I typed it...) the gaskets on my valve covers were old and crappy allowing oil to leak and get on my spark plugs which caused one to short and misfire causing it to overpower and kill my ignition coil? causing my car to stop haha. So my gracious uncle mike repaired the ignition coil mechanism thingy and wednesday I labored away fixing the rest with his careful humbling guidance haha. Anyways Alexandria (yes my car has a name), is running well again...she accelerates much faster now :). Anyways in response to my 2 votes on option #3 I'll throw some religion out here. So my uncle Mike is a man with an immense amount of mental energy and enjoys sharing it and his ideas, some of which got me thinking, especially about wisdom which I have spoken of often as something I search for. However I've become preoccuppied and lax, and that is unnacceptable. To be wise it must come from God alone, a man by himself is inherintly a fool, and I can't be wise away from God like I've been trying to do. ANYWAYS here's just a thingy from Proverbs 11:23-25
"To do evil is like sport to a fool,
but a man of understanding has wisdom.
The fear of the wicked will come upon him,
and the desire of the righteous will be granted.
When the whirlwind passes by, the wicked is no more,
But the righteous has an everlasting foundation."

This is basically what I'm trying do right now. As my mom has said to me time and time again "Just do whats right and good things will start happening to you." This doesn't mean that bad things won't happen, because they are happening and I could just as easily be miserable right now, but I've made the decision to succeed and to be happy, and ya know what its working amazingly. Who would've thought i could have a great day waking up at 6am and working on my car til 8pm and having to call in to work and not make it cause my car wasn't done yet? Its all perspective. I understand my Alexandria so much better now hahaha.

peace and love,