Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Commotion, emotion, and my humans.

So friday my female human (mom) had a celebration of some sort for herself. (Happy b-day momma!) All my humans were gone for a while and returned with the smell of frozen yogurt on them! Then the next day almost 35 of the humans showed up in my domain! Apparently the treelike one (Tim) is going to some place called Prague, so the other humans are celebrating him leaving. Makes no sense to me, I'm always so lonely and confused when a human leaves. My human (Matt) is still keeping my room a mess, he sure does talk about his problems alot these days. Gets on my nerves a bit, I can't chew on my new bone in peace without him making snide remarks like "oh ryo that's a tasty looking bone!" or "hey ryo that should make your breath smell better!". However we have taken some epic naps together with my feline spy...shes not a friend, not a companion. Lili the cat is my spy and informant on the feline world. She's like my personal case study on the feline condition. However sometimes she crosses the barrier between spy and ally without my permition. In the picture above I was just too tired to do anything about it...more on things soon.

A 180 degree turn back towards progess...hopefully (Matt's 2nd)

So following suit with the craziness I've allowed myself to suffer through the past couple years, I decided to make a last minute change. However this change isn't really a change as much as changing my decision to make a change by not changing! Try to figure that out! Anyways I've decided to return/stay at UT Dallas to finish out my undergrad degree in Arts and Performance with a focus in Music. A lovely long titled degree meaning I get to do music and art for a couple years :). I'm very happy with this decision because I was not liking the idea of 4 more years of schooling that my UNT adviser informed me I would have to endure. While feeling perky about my decision I shot off to good ole Wal-mart to get a filing cabinet and some groceries. On the way while driving up a hill my car decided to break down. Thanks to that hill I was able to put the car in nuetral and roll backwards down into a side street and park. My mom and I chained it up and dragged it back the house later. So i have time to write this blog since I'm not going anywhere anymore... Thats mostly it for me, Ryo will be posting shortly to fill everyone in on more amiable events in the Minich household.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where he's at (Ryo's 1st)

Well life's been pretty crazy lately. The back border of my domain (backyard fence) blew down during that apocalyptic event (thunderstorm)! Thankfully my human (Matt) and the gray striped one (Chris) secured it a few days ago. My human moved back home and brought with him loud music, weird sleeping habits, and seems to waste too much of his time with blog posts and facebook. The room is always a mess and its hard to tell whats edible and whats not these days, I'll just have to guess. After living apart for so long we bonded one day as he finally cut my hair, gave me a bath, and attempted to remove (brush) my teeth. However he was very supportive through each traumatic event so he has again won my he gives me more food than anyone in the house and I let him sleep on MY bed.

Where I'm at (Matt's 1st)

Well its official, I have moved back home to my lovely parents house in Corinth. After a year on campus at UTD I realized a) I'm poor b) they're not and c) I need to switch majors and change schools! So I'm planning on going to UNT in the fall for music. My brain is boggled and I'm just going through the rest of this summer in a "I'm supposed to do wha?" daze. I have alot of decisions and life changes to make if I'm going to succeed, and I'm thinking for the next year I may just need to put my "thinking brain" on hold. The thinking brain is fun, but he thinks too much and doesn't get anything done. I'm sure from this blog you'll be able to see if I succeed or fail. Hold me to it!