Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He's always barking at the picture rectangle

EVERY sunday, and sometimes on thursdays and mondays, my human is jumping up and barking at the little padded men in helmets on the picture rectangle! I have no idea whats going on! I usually just elect to take my new denta-bones (which are extremely tasty, but don't help my breath THAT much) and hide under the coffee table. I figured it must be just some random phase with him, but it seems this will be going on until early next year! We still have the scary mask day, the lots of food day, and the weird music and big flashing tree day! I don't think I can handle all this commotion PLUS him barking all the time.

*Matt from the other room*
"In my defense Ryo barks EVERDAY at NOTHING for absolutely no reason..."

My human can complain all he wants about my barking...I'm just keeping him and the other humans safe from mailmen, stray cats, and the evil Lili who resides in our domain. My human has also been commenting that its been "cold" out. I guess anything under 85 degrees is cold now? Whatever he feeds me and I love him for it.

Ryo out, peace