Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School, work, music, football, repeat.

Before I get into new stuff let me say this about my previous post. I don't know that I necessarily drew any significant conclusions from any of what I said. That was just a good portion of the thoughts floating around in my brain and it was getting a little crowded up there haha. So now I feel much better.

ANYWAYS football has begun!!! My Cowboys are engaging in their usual heartbreaking ways at 1-1 losing 31-33 to the Giants Sunday evening (ryo will have more comments on this). Also fantasy football has taken over an unhealthy portion of my time again (to the right is my team logo). Last year I was the ninja turtles....this year I am ninja turtles 2. Glorious.

So I guess I'm going in backwards order from my title? in that case we have music next! Well I'm doing my best to take the advice of a) Pearl Jam and b) the ticket hosts while talking about the cowboys. I need to basically get out of my own way to get things done musically. The members of Pearl Jam allowed their producer Brendan O'Brien to have a considerable say in their new album. Instead of "trying to make ideas work that probably weren't even good ideas..." the band planned rehearsed and went right in to the studio to make a straightforward, quick, and "fun" album. My opinions of how this actually turned out aside, I do believe I too need to "get out of my own way" and just get some things done musically. Every artist faces the challenge of having either too many ideas or not enough and sometimes both. I've very recently started having just a smidgen more confidence in myself. I finally give myself enough credit when I'm playing around with an idea, that I may not be able to save or record right away, that when the time comes for something like it I will be able to come up with another idea just as good if I forgot the first one. If I track back my songwriting and ideas they've only gotten better not worse, so why would it be any different in the future? haha

Third topic of choice is work a. However I'm not going to talk about how this affects me cause I don't like always getting the response "welcome to being and adult!". Its not like adults don't complain about the fact that they have to do adult things too haha.

School finally is going good and moderately okay at the same time? I have a class I'm very unhappy with, but I've decided to not put more than is necessary for my little A in it. My literature class is ALLLL about Dante's Divine Comedies and is extremely interesting. It also keeps my trying to read about 100 pages in three different books between every class. This is where my little brain rampage from last week came from, however I'm enjoying the mental stimulation. So thats pretty much what I do these days. Work and go to school, listen to and make music, and watch football. Not too bad.

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  1. Not bad at all~ and you are doing it quite well!