Friday, August 7, 2009

Annoying people

Do you know how many times my human (Matt) has called me with false promises of treats just so he can take embarrassing pictures of me for this blog? Too many... My new bones are delicious and he gets brownie points for them, but he walks a fine line. A dog's love can only be so "unconditional". So many things have seemed to be happening. The tree-like one "Tim" left with his suitcases of sadness and I haven't seen him since! (Tim's in Prague!!!) My human has been coming and going more than usual to this place called "work". I doubt he really does any, he's always just sitting at the computer or trapping me in the room (like right now) and making me listen to the loud noise boxes (music from the computer speakers). Sometimes he even picks up one of his stringed boxes (guitar) and hits it while howling at nothing?! Why does he do that?! I don't choose to have the emergency sirens go off just so i can howl at them with a stupid smile on my face like he does! Oh well it seems to make him happy...weirdo. More on this later...


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