Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baaaack to School

(The picture on the right is one of me and Nikki from the UTD catalogue ^_^. We knew they'd use it when they asked to take our picture!)

Yes its that time o'year again. I start classes tomorrow (august 20th) at UTD again and I'm moderately excited. I have Digital Music 2, Elements of Art and Performance, History of Roots, Jazz, and Swing, and a Lit class on Dante's Divine Comedies. So this is a pretty artsy semester and I'm hoping my creative half can keep up haha. So lately I have fallen abruptly from my crazy perky happy attitude to a more even keeled one. My current mindstate isn't as inexplicably fun as the previous one, but I'm still getting things done. Both of my two summer basketball leagues ended. My injuries were topped off last night by a second ankle sprain...I now will be wearing two braces when I play! Other than that not much has happened for me besides a healthy amount of work at Aaron Bros. I'm sure once school starts I'll have more fun things to talk about!

Stay beautiful people ;)


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