Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today will be a short post as my human hasn't been around much to do anything with me! However the other two have been so kind as to take me on incredibly long walks and even to play at the lake for a while. My human to his credit however has an amazing supply of tasty new bones (seen right), but to his discredit has not fed me today and keeps saying he needs to go to some place called "wal-mart" before he can! Does this mean he's forgotten about me the 20,000 times he's been there already this week, and STILL has to get me more food? Terrible....Well when he's not, not feeding me or whining about his ankle, or work my human is just sleeping. He must be doing something important right? He DID get some new fancy looking shoes yesterday, I wonder what those are for. He keeps saying "cross-training shoes" but they don't look religious to me at all. I'm off to harass the cat.


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