Wednesday, September 2, 2009

They must have rabies

So my human barely even says hi to me when he gets home! He just walks upstairs and starts yelling at the computer. He keeps saying it won't "boot up" or whatever that means. Hitting it usually seems to make things work for him. Also he was outside cooking some of that delicious people food on that "BBQ" thing and it started trying to explode! Flames where shooting out the top and bottom of it! He said he just "opened up the propane valve too much" whatever the heck that means. I think its alive and actively trying to stop me from getting some people food... Anyways for some reason my human keeps disguising himself lately. He walks up to the door and his eyes are just gone! Covered by some glass shield! Of course I have to bark and warn my other humans in case the evil glass eye shields have taken over his brain, but they always seem to get mad at me for it anyways. That stupid cat Lili has been entering my human and I's domain and sleeping in the closet on his gym bag lately...frankly I don't get why he doesn't just close the doors and keep her in there...well he has a few times, but he always lets her out and says "awwww I'm so sorry Lili!" We'll never defeat her with that apologetic attitude of his...


  1. Thanks for the laugh Ryo! I needed that tonight :) Take good care of your human-he needs you!

  2. you should stolen some BBQ! i would have! haha